Zoom teeth Whitening in dubai

Visibly Whiter Teeth
In One Session

Advanced LED Technology

Highly Experienced Hygienists

Guaranteed Results

Whitens the Touchest Stains

zoom teeth whitening

A smile that can dazzle

Tired of teeth whitening products that don’t give you the results you imagined? Zoom Teeth Whitening is an effective way to get white and bright teeth that you’d always smile about.
Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening is an in-office teeth whitening procedure that uses advanced blue LED light technology that brightens your teeth up to 8 shades whiter!
At Micris Dental Clinic, our highly qualified hygienists are among the finest in their field, providing you with specialized dental care, safe whitening procedure, and satisfying results.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Before and After

Why choose Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Clinically proven results

Zoom Teeth Whitening uses advanced blue LED light-accelerated technology and variable intensity settings that deliver the best results for yellowish or discolored teeth. This technology is clinically proven to whiten up to eight shades (depending on your original shade) in just one session.

Two-layer technology

This innovative whitening technology used worldwide requires only a few hours in a single session. With its 20% hydrogen peroxide whitening varnish and a sealant layer that locks the varnish in place, you’ll see stunning results as soon as you get out of the chair!

Whitens badly stained teeth

If you’re feeling insecure with your stained teeth, Zoom Teeth Whitening is the solution to your woes. Combining in-office whitening machines and take home gels for noticeable results, this whitening procedure can take on even the toughest stains.

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Most frequent questions and answers
  1. During your initial consultation in our clinic, your dentist/hygienist will examine your teeth and gums and make sure they’re healthy and in good shape. If needed, you may be required to go through some procedures like dental fillings, extractions, crowns, or veneers depending on your dental condition. The cost or price of the whole whitening procedure including the additional products will also be discussed during the consultation.
  2. On the day of the procedure itself, your hygienist will start with a professional cleaning session to make sure the teeth are free from plaque before whitening.
  3. Your lips and gums will be covered, leaving only the teeth exposed. A whitening gel will be applied on your teeth for 15 minutes and will be cured by blue LED light to break the stains and remove discoloration. The gel will be applied and activated by the LED light repeatedly until the goal shade is achieved. This procedure may take 45 minutes to an hour.
  4. An anti-sensitivity gel will be applied to your teeth after the whitening procedure to avoid any discomfort. Sensitivity is normal after the process and will subside in a matter of hours.
  5. Check out your brand new, brighter smile in the mirror! You will be given a supplemental teeth whitening kit for you to use at home for the best results.
  • You should not brush your teeth within an hour or two after the treatment. Whitening gels are acidic and may make your enamel temporarily soft and sensitive.
  • Make sure to use the supplementary home whitening treatment as advised by our hygienists.
  • Stay away from dark-colored and staining foods, beverages, toothpaste, and even mouthwash for the next 5 days. Avoid smoking. Teeth that just underwent whitening absorb elements like a sponge, even from the slightest staining agents. Make sure to rinse your mouth after every meal.
  • Avoid acidic foods such as citric fruits (lemons, oranges), vinegar, pickles, and soft drinks. These may cause discomfort to newly-whitened teeth.
  • Have regular dental visits to keep your teeth white for a long time and make it worth the cost. Whitening needs maintenance as a lot of factors can stain your teeth over time. It is best to have your hygienist check your teeth color and redo the procedure if needed.

Several reasons can cause your teeth to become yellow. It could be genetic or caused by external factors that stain your enamel or the dentin, the layer beneath it. The most common reasons are surface stains from dark-colored food and beverages or from smoking.

If you are a heavy coffee drinker or someone who smokes a lot, the stains may sink deeper into the dentin and darken the overall appearance of the teeth. Upon initial consultation, your hygienist will determine which whitening procedure would work best for you.

Most patients experience teeth sensitivity after their Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment. This is normal and should subside in a few days given some prescribed medications. Inform your hygienist/dentist if the sensitivity you feel on your teeth after whitening lasts for a week.
Zoom Teeth Whitening is not recommended for kids 12 years old and younger.
The actual cost of your Zoom Teeth Whitening in Dubai will be determined on the day of your initial consultation. The price will include the in-office whitening treatment as well as the supplemental whitening kit products you need to use at home for the best results.
It is not advised for pregnant or lactating women to undergo Zoom or any teeth whitening procedure.
If you maintain good oral hygiene and avoid teeth-staining activities, your white teeth can last up to a year! But if you smoke or can’t get rid of coffee in your lifestyle, consult with one of the hygienists on various supplementary whitening treatments that keep your teeth clean and bright.

There are certain types of discoloration that may not be responsive to Zoom Teeth Whitening. Bleaching for yellow teeth could be easy, brown teeth could be challenging, and gray shades could even be non-responsive at all. Also note that whitening does not work on discoloration caused by a tooth injury or on cosmetic dental treatments such as crowns , fillings, and veneers. Make sure to consult with your hygienist to know if Zoom Teeth Whitening is the best whitening treatment option for you.