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What’s stopping you to show your smile to the world? With our Same Day Implants services at Micris Dental Clinic , you can walk in our clinic and confidently flash your brand-new smile once you step out.
Same Day Implants is a revolutionary technology in dentistry that allows you to achieve your most coveted smile in just one day. With 3D guided positioning and precise implant techniques, the procedure is guaranteed safe, painless, and with the best results.
You’re sure to get the best services for same day dental implants. Our qualified implantologists are well-trained to give you professional dental care that you deserve so you can smile again in no time.

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What are Same Day
Dental Implants?

Same day dental implants are permanent solutions for missing tooth/teeth done in a single-session placement procedure. Traditional implants normally take several months to complete the surgery and the recovery of the patient. For same day implants, you don’t just get a quick surgery, the healing period is also faster.

Our Implantologists

Dr. Marwan Al Obeidi

General Dentist & Implantologist

Dr. Soren Kollat Jensen

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Dr. Christina Friis-Moeller

General Dentist

Dr. Myron Kushnir

Specialist Prosthodontist

Dr. Nithin Shenoy

Specialist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and Implantologist

What are the benefits of
Same Day Dental Implants?

The patient will leave the dental clinic with the full mouth of teeth in a single day. The restoration will be done immediately. Since the Same day dental implants can be done in one sitting, No more waiting period required.

Fast procedure

Its most apparent benefit is that the dental implant procedure only requires a few hours, but with the same effectiveness as the traditional implant.

Minimally invasive

The same day dental implant procedure is minimally invasive and pain-free, as it requires no complicated surgical techniques like bone grafting.

Natural look

Since the crown is immediately attached to the titanium implant, your gum will grow around it which gives a more natural look. The need for tissue remodeling is eliminated.

Quick healing

Patients who undergo same day implants in our clinic will have a fast recovery from the minimally invasive procedure.

Process of getting Same Day Dental Implants in Dubai?

During your first visit to our clinic, you will have an initial consultation with our dentist to determine if you are suitable for same day implants. Digital scans of your mouth and 3D images of your jaw and face will be taken for the treatment plan. Your medical and oral health history will be discussed, as well as the cost/price of the whole implant treatment.

On your next clinic visit, your implantologist may either use local anesthesia or put you to sleep using sedation. Using a 3D surgical guide taken from your impressions, your implantologist will place each implant into the jawbone with absolute precision. As soon as the implants are attached, the crowns/bridges will be placed immediately.

You can now check your new smile in the mirror! It is normal to feel some discomfort once the anesthesia wears off. Your dentist will prescribe some medications to ease the pain. You can immediately return to do your regular routines the day after your treatment!

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Most frequent questions and answers
Whether you have several missing teeth, decayed teeth, or require implants for the whole set of teeth, same day dental implants can work wonders for you. This permanent teeth-replacement solution is better than your removable dentures which may become loose over time.
It is best to consult with your dentist whether your jawbone condition and overall health will make you a suitable candidate for implants.
Getting same day dental implants is pain-free! The procedure will either be under local anesthesia or sedation to make sure that you are comfortable during the implant placement procedure. Post-operative discomfort is normal and can be eased by taking prescribed medications or over-the-counter painkillers.
During the first few weeks after the treatment, you must take caution in brushing your teeth and avoid the surgical area as much as possible. Avoid eating hard or chewy foods, and go on a soft diet, gradually introducing harder food items. Once the surgical site is completely healed, you do not have any food restrictions. Simply maintain your good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing twice a day and going for regular dental checkups.
If you want your smile to get replaced in a day, you must have the adequate bone density to secure the foundation of your new set of teeth. In case your jawbone density is not enough, bone grafting may be required initially before the implant procedure. The only way to find out your bone density is through an initial scan and consultation.
The actual cost of same day dental implants in Dubai varies from patient to patient. This will be determined by the number of dental implants needed and your specific treatment plan. During the initial consultation, it is best to discuss with your dentist the price of the treatment or if there are payment options available. Generally, speaking since the actual procedure of same day implants is restricted to one day, its total cost is lower compared to traditional implants.
If you have an active infection like gum disease or immune system-related diseases, you cannot undergo dental implant placement. Regular smokers are also not advised to undergo the procedure as the habit poses a risk to its long-term success.
Dental implants cannot be rejected by the body because they contain no living cells. Titanium, the material used for making implants, is biocompatible. This means that the dental implants would not cause any allergies once integrated into the jawbone.
Adults (ages 18 and above) can get same day dental implants if they have adequate bone density and good overall health. Even elderly patients who lost all their teeth can get a full set of implants through this minimally invasive procedure. Children, however, cannot undergo a dental implant procedure as their jawbones are still growing and the implants can be misaligned.
Extraction and implant procedure on the same day work if there is no infection on the extraction site.