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Стоматологическая клиника "Микрис

Добро пожаловать в стоматологическую клинику Micris, ведущую стоматологическую клинику, предоставляющую комплексный уход за полостью рта для вашей семьи. Наша команда стоматологов мирового класса в различных областях на сегодняшний день обслужила более 50 000 пациентов.

Мы знаем, как важно заботиться о своих зубах, и хотим, чтобы ваш опыт был комфортным и эффективным. Современные технологии и передовое оборудование в сочетании с заботой о комфорте пациента делают нашу клинику лучшим выбором.

Наша команда высококвалифицированных и конкурентоспособных на мировом уровне стоматологов специализируется на широком спектре стоматологических процедур и услуг, включая общую стоматологию, косметическую стоматологию и зубные имплантаты. Благодаря новейшим методам лечения и индивидуальному подходу мы стремимся помочь вам добиться более яркой и здоровой улыбки. Если вам нужен обычный осмотр или более сложная процедура, например, корневой канал, наша клиника — ваш универсальный магазин.

Наши стоматологические услуги
Для счастливых и здоровых улыбок

Вы получите новейшие технологии и высококачественные процедуры, а также индивидуальный уход за полостью рта

Познакомьтесь с нашими специалистами в области стоматологии

Наша команда квалифицированных стоматологов специализируется в различных областях стоматологии и имеет многолетний опыт работы в этой области.

Доктор Марван аль-Обейди

Стоматолог общей практики и имплантолог

Доктор Сорен Коллат Йенсен

Стоматолог общей практики

Доктор Кристина Фриис-Моллер

Стоматолог общей практики

Доктор Хаша Ильбак

Стоматолог общей практики

Доктор Маргарида О'Нил

Стоматолог общей практики

Доктор Сара Джамал

Стоматолог общей практики

Доктор Натали Мама

Стоматолог общей практики

Д-р Фатин Махмуд

Стоматолог общей практики

Доктор Мирон Кушнир


Д-р Нитин Шеной

Специалист по челюстно-лицевой хирургии

Доктор Шайни Чаудхари


Доктор Клейо Паласка


Д-р Омар Саид


Д-р Анила Вирани

Специалист по детской стоматологии

Доктор Салли Сердане

Специалист по детской стоматологии

Дюлен Свэнепоел

Гигиенист стоматологический

Дженна Джодри

Гигиенист стоматологический

Вала Шехада

Гигиенист стоматологический

Алаа Карази

Гигиенист стоматологический

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Стоматологическая клиника "Микрис"?

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Наши пациенты говорят...

Kenan Al OulabiKenan Al Oulabi
21:04 08 Aug 22
I have been a dental lab owner for more than 20 years, and I fully know the difference between a professional dentist, a traditional dentist, a professional dentist and an artist.Dr. Sarah has absolutely exceeded the level of professionalism and dentistry art in advanced stages. I wish her all the best and more success, if there was more.
Tariq AlSaltiTariq AlSalti
20:18 08 Aug 22
They are amazing. My experience with them from the staff, dentists and nurses are excellent. They take care of each patient the moment you step in to their clinic, special thanks for Dr Sara Jamal, I completely trust her with my dental process. I am so happy with the result.
Deniz AktasDeniz Aktas
14:40 08 Aug 22
Excellent treatment from Dr Marwan very professional and understanding of nervous patient. Second treatment from him remains calm and explains all treatment both before and whilst completing putting you at ease Excellent team work between himself and assistant dental nurse. Would  highly recommend it.
Naz AcarNaz Acar
12:53 08 Aug 22
Dr Sara was incredible! Like most people, i have severe anxiety when it comes to dental work. I have needed a root canal for the past 4 years and they couldn't manage to numb me in England. I explained this to Dr Sara and she was able to work her magic! I am extremely happy with my root canal and crown! Thank you so so much x
saif alazzamsaif alazzam
12:39 08 Aug 22
Very clean classy and friendly ambiance with proficient staff.Dr Sarah attended to me and she was spectacular!Dr Sarah went extra miles for me. I have never felt so comfortable like I did at micris dental. She is kind, patient and excellent .Most especially the whole procedure was quick and smooth, with modern technology.Thanks a lot for the follow up after,and the entire team. I glad I found you 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Alison McLaughlinAlison McLaughlin
07:11 02 Jul 22
Dr.Mette is simply incredible! My front tooth was an old crown and I’m so happy that I decided to change it with her. She not only made me feel comfortable throughout the process, but she was working alongside Naseem to make the MOST PERFECT front tooth! They are both incredibly talented in this field, and I feel blessed to be smiling without feeling self conscious about the colouring of my front tooth! They made a perfect match, and wouldn’t accept anything less then 100% ! I’m beyond happy and forever grateful for them brightening my smile!
Gina D ́AnnaGina D ́Anna
07:40 26 Jun 22
Excellent treatment from Dr Marwan very professional and understanding of nervous patient. Second treatment from him remains calm and explains all treatment both before and whilst completing putting you at ease Excellent team work between himself and assistant dental nurse. Would  highly recommend.
iuliia galaziukiuliia galaziuk
17:43 21 May 22
Would highly recommend this clinic, love the way staff treat their customers. You will feel welcomed from the moment you enter the door. Especially would like to say thank you to Dr. Mette, who has done an exceptional work. She is very professional and caring. Additionally, special thanks to receptionist Anna, who has been assisting me during my visit. Anna has been really welcoming and kind.
Jules TaggJules Tagg
09:44 08 Apr 22
Today marks 12 days after getting my four, impacted, under the gum wisdom teeth removal.Before the opp I was very nervous as I have a very low pain tolerance and have been told by everyone who had the procedure done that it was so painful, as well as seen endless videos of people in pure agony after the procedure.I have a very small mouth opening which would of made the surgery 10x harder with almost no vision inside my mouth for the surgeons, however the work was done impeccably and you would never be able to tell.There was absolutely no pain during the surgery, and went shopping once I got back to the hotel.Had no bleeding, swelling went down in no time, pain was minimal and every oral specialist I saw after said it is looking great.Saw dr Barry in December, flew back in April solely to do my removal with him.Best idea we have ever made.Micris clinic doesn’t feel like a clinic, but a nice, clean, well decorated place; with very helpful and nice nurses, other specialists and secretaries.Thank you Dr. Barry for making my wisdom teeth removal as easy as could be.If I have any advise for someone who is thinking of getting their wisdom removed, doctor Barry is the way to go.Never got asked once to give a review, but felt it was the least I could do after this excellently done procedure.Thank you again Micris and Dr. Barry, and hope this helps anyone contemplating whether Micris or Dr. Barry is the right choice
Amanda D'SouzaAmanda D'Souza
12:05 27 Jan 22
I've been seeing Dr Christina for a long time now and I completely trust her with my dental process. She gave me implants and veneers, I am so happy with the result. She is very meticulous and patient, and really goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable.Micris Dental Clinic has the best dentists in Dubai and I would highly recommend the clinic to all. The ambience in the clinic is just fabulous, so swanky, it's like walking into a 5-star hotel. They have nice coffee as well that's freshly brewed in their coffee bar. Very impressed.

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