Expert Pediatric Dentist In Dubai

Caring for Your Child's Smile with Excellence.

Dedicated to nurturing young smiles, Micris Dental Clinic offers specialized pediatric dentistry in a warm, child-friendly environment. Our expert team is passionate about providing gentle, comprehensive dental care, ensuring a positive experience for your little ones.

Understanding the unique needs of children’s oral health, we offer a range of services designed to ensure the wellbeing and bright smiles of our youngest patients.

Complete Dental Care
for Every Stage of Childhood

At Micris Dental Clinic, we recognize the significance of every stage in your child’s dental development. Our array of pediatric dentistry services is designed to ensure healthy teeth from infancy through adolescence, shaping not only their smiles but also their overall well-being and confidence.


Regular exams to monitor oral development, recommended biannually starting from age 1

Orthodontic Evaluations

Assessing jaw anatomy and tooth eruption patterns to identify early orthodontic needs.

Dental Cleanings

Routine cleanings every six months, coupled with personalized oral hygiene education.

Fluoride Treatments

Professional treatments to strengthen enamel and prevent decay.

Dental Sealants

Application on molars to protect against cavities, particularly for permanent teeth emerging around ages 6 and 12.

Dental Fillings

Tooth-colored, mercury-free fillings for treating cavities in primary teeth.


Stainless steel or tooth-colored crowns to preserve damaged or decayed teeth.


Treating abscessed primary teeth to maintain them until they are naturally replaced.

Extractions and Space Maintainers

Removing non-restorable teeth and placing appliances to prevent misalignment of emerging adult teeth.

Dental Care for Special Needs Children

Tailored approaches for children with special needs, ensuring a calm, understanding environment for their dental care.

Root Canal Treatment for Kids

Gentle treatment for infected or damaged teeth, focused on children’s comfort and oral health preservation.

Myobrace for Children

Addresses early orthodontic issues by correcting poor oral habits, aiming to reduce future orthodontic needs.

Say Hello to Our Fun-Loving Pediatric Dentists

Our pediatric dentists are not just experts in their field; they are passionate about making dental visits a positive experience for children. Trust in our team to provide exceptional care tailored to your child’s needs.
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Dr. Anila Virani

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Making Children's Dental Visits a Joyful Journey...

Dental Sealants

Strong Defense Against Tooth Decay.

Dental sealants are a key tool in cavity prevention for children. At Micris Dental Clinic, we recommend them for kids at higher decay risk, particularly for their permanent back teeth.

Our pediatric specialists assess the need for sealants. The process is quick, painless, and the sealants can last up to five years, forming a barrier against bacteria and plaque.

While sealants are highly effective, they complement regular oral hygiene. Consistent brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups are essential for lasting dental health.


Most frequently asked questions

The ideal time is around their first birthday or when the first tooth appears. Early visits help in assessing development and establishing a dental care routine.

Yes, dental X-rays are safe and used sparingly. They are essential for diagnosing issues not visible during a regular exam.

We recommend a dental check-up every six months to monitor development and address any concerns early.

Yes, sealants are beneficial for both baby and permanent teeth, especially for those with deep grooves and pits.

In case of an emergency, contact us immediately. We provide guidance and prompt treatment to address urgent dental issues.