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Myobrace In Dubai

Unlock Your Child's Confident Smile, Naturally.

Myobrace are a better alternative to the classical approach of orthodontic treatments using metal or ceramic braces. As a segment of paediatric orthodontics, our team of specialist orthodontists at Micris Dental Clinic provides you with expert guidance on the orthodontic treatments that will best suit your children’s dental needs.

Myobraces are preventive orthodontic braces that are designed to be worn by children between the ages of 3 and 15 years. These braces will help to identify and correct the underlying dental issues that may emerge and cause problems to your child’s oral health, such as shifting teeth or incorrect jaw development.

The Role of Myobrace in Your Child's Journey.

According to our paediatric dentists, many incorrect myofunctional habits can lead to poor jaw development, overcrowded teeth, and other orthodontic issues. However, since we are equipped with state-of-the-art myobraces in Dubai, we can not only correct your child’s teeth alignment but also help your child to develop good dental habits for better oral hygiene.

Benefits of Myobrace.

Our dentists recommend Myobraces for children with myofunctional oral habits to correct these habits and promote healthy dental development. Starting treatment early is crucial to avoid irreversible damage to teeth and general health.

Why is Myobrace better than Traditional Braces?


Most frequently asked questions

The price of myobraces varies from child to child depending on their orthodontic treatment needs. The cost of the myobraces is also influenced by a child’s age and the stage of the myobrace treatment they are currently in.

According to our orthodontists and paediatric dentists, the optimal age to begin the myobrace treatment is usually around 6 to 10 years of age. This is the ideal time to enter myobrace system because, the child is still growing, and the first few permanent teeth begin to appear.

For children aged between 3 to 15, the Myobrace appliances are a set of intra-oral devices that are worn overnight in addition to for one hour each day. The devices help to address bad dental habits and straighten the teeth and jaws with gentle pressure.

The results of wearing a myobrace can be seen generally around 18 months after initiating the treatment. However, this period can vary depending on how often a patient practices their myofunctional training exercises, and how well they follow the dentist’s instructions.