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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Dubai may sound like a complex process, but it merely combines aesthetics and the science of restorative dental treatments to fix your smile, and improve the health, function, and beauty of the mouth.
This is achieved through a series of detailed and highly customised treatments that are unique to each person’s case. The exact treatments that make up your full mouth reconstruction will depend on the specific issues that affect your smile.
During your consultation with our dental specialists at Micris Dental Clinic, we will walk you the through dental issues you have, and comprehensively assess your smile to design a tailor-made treatment plan.
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Treatments carried out
under Full Mouth Rehabilitation

An eclectic range of dental treatments comprise the Full Mouth Rehabilitation process. These include the following:


Deep Teeth cleaning

Dental fillings and other cosmetic treatments

Who requires a Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

As the name suggests, Full Mouth Rehabilitation refers to rebuilding and/or replacing all of the teeth in a patient’s mouth using multiple procedures. Thus, he ideal candidate for this treatment would be someone exhibiting multiple missing teeth; decayed, cracked or broken teeth; badly worn teeth due to bruxism or another condition; receding gums etc.

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Dr. Khasha Ilbak

General & Cosmetic Dentist

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General Dentist

Dr. Nithin Shenoy

Specialist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon


Most frequent questions and answers

While both full-mouth restorations and Hollywood Smile Makeovers are highly personalized treatments that involve several procedures, there does exist a difference.

A smile makeover is a procedure you choose to have in order to enhance the aesthetic look of your teeth and smile. A Full Mouth Rehabilitation on the other hand combines a series of restorative dentistry treatments to improve the health, function, and appearance of your mouth.

If you are dealing with multiple dental issues, such as broken, cracked, damaged, or missing teeth, you are an ideal candidate for a full mouth restoration. Individuals born with Amelogenesis, Dentinogenesis and Ectodermal Dysplasia also require mouth restoration.

Also, if you suffer from issues related to the gum, bite, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), or jaw muscles, these can all be addressed with a full mouth reconstruction.

Typically, patients do not experience pain during a full mouth reconstruction treatment at Micris Dental Clinic. We use sedation dentistry techniques to ensure you have a smooth and painless procedure.

Generally, the entire rehabilitation procedures take several months to achieve the desired results. The exact time period will however be determined by the type of dental treatments involved.

Several factors will influence the cost of your complete mouth reconstruction such as the procedures or treatments involved, the dental materials and methods employed, the usage of sedation dentistry techniques, etc.

A consultation with our specialists, which will involve a thorough evaluation of your mouth and your dental requirements, will offer you an estimated cost of your treatment plan.

Yes, sedation dentistry is the answer to your predicament. It is a great solution for those who struggle to sit still, or sit for a long period, or control their movements. Upon being sedated, you will feel relaxed and comfortable during your procedure.

If you care for your gums and teeth well, and follow your dentists’ post-operative recommendations, the results will stay for a long term. Also, it’s a safe to assume the results will last forever if you maintain good oral health by regularly brushing and flossing, as well as visiting your hygienist for regular cleanings and your dentist for check-ups every few months.