Wala Shehada

Dental Hygienist (Canada)
Diploma in Dental Hygiene

Specialized In

Dental Hygiene


English and Arabic


10+ Years of experience

How Wala Shehada Can Help you?

scaling and polishing

Applying Preventive Care

Dental Hygiene Awareness

Taking Dental X-rays

More About Wala Shehada

Wala Shehada graduated from the Ontario Dental Education Institute, Canada, in 2011 with a diploma in Dental Hygiene. She spent three years of experience at a family and cosmetic dental clinic in Canada, along with four years at a multi-speciality clinic in Dubai.
When it comes to dentistry, her expertise consists of working closely with the Periodontist, Orthodontist and Paedodontist. She has also participated in multiple charity initiatives to provide oral hygiene care and instruction both in Canada and in the United Arab Emirates.
She has had experience delivering lectures regarding HPV and Oral Cancer, as well as Oral Cancer Screening Step by Step. What keeps her motivated to continuously help everyone, is believing that the highest standard of care to all patients with a focus on individual needs should be always provided.