Oonagh Cronin

Dental Hygienist (Ireland)
Diploma in Dental Hygiene

Specialized In

Dental Hygiene




9+ Years of experience

How Oonagh Cronin Can Help you?

scaling and polishing

Applying Preventive Care

Dental Hygiene Awareness

Taking Dental X-rays

More About Oonagh Cronin

Our lovely hygienist Oonagh hails from the Emerald isle that is Ireland. Oonagh graduated from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland in 2013. She has 9+ years of experience as a hygienist, working along with general dentists as well as specialists in Ireland and Dubai. She is experienced at providing dental hygiene services not only to adults, but also to children as well as those who are undergoing orthodontic treatments.

During her education at the Trinity College, she had vast exposure to various patient groups and clinical settings such as the head and neck cancer clinic, mental healthcare facility, bleeding disorder clinic etc. During her posting in the pediatric clinic, she has worked with patients with special needs, which she found very rewarding. She enjoys educating patients on how they can improve their oral hygiene and maintain good oral health.

Oonagh has won the Sensodyne award for the “Best Community Oral Health Project” in 2013. In her project, she dealt with patients having mental health issues and their access to dental care as a community. Keeping up with the constantly evolving dental industry is important for her and she updates her knowledge by attending various dental conferences and courses.