Nesika Stirling - Dental Hygienist
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Nesika Stirling

Dental Hygienist (United Kingdom)

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After graduating from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom in 2008, Nesika Stirling embarked on a prolific career as a dental hygienist, amassing a wealth of valuable experience along the way.

Before venturing into the world of dental hygiene and attaining over a decade of experience in this industry, Nesika started as a dental assistant for about 2 years in the UK. This was when she discovered her interest in becoming a registered dental hygienist.

Born and raised in Northeast England, Nesika remembers her early years as being passionate about comprehending contemporary dentistry and implementing it. Today, Nesika maintains the same level of passion as she continues to give her patients the stunning smiles they deserve.

As a trailblazing dental therapist and a graduate of Newcastle University, Nesika exemplifies an unwavering commitment to embracing modern dental practices, ensuring her patients receive the best treatment possible. By converting anxious appointments into happy and confident smiles, Nesika makes the dental office a truly welcoming and pleasant space.

In her free time, Nesika enjoys meditating, boxing, and hitting the gym.

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Up, Close & Personal

I like to keep myself occupied with recreational activities that I enjoy with my family and friends, such as sports. I also like to head outdoors, go to the beach, and enjoy traveling. When it comes to having a relaxing time, yoga and meditational activities are my forte.

I moved to the UAE over a year ago. And I have loved the country from the get-go. What initially was a relocation to Dubai for family and opportunities for growth has become one of the cities I have loved. To highlight in particular, I love the vibrancy of this city and its cultural diversity.

I love my job wholly, because it enables me to connect with my patients and help them overcome their dentophobia. I am also happy to get the opportunity to give my patients a smile they are proud of.

Preventive dental care is the best dental care. Hence, I would strongly advise you to visit your dentist regularly, or once every 6 months. By doing so, any dental problems could be detected and treated at an early stage, thus reducing the risk of pain.

As a high school student, I remember going to the dentist and after observing her at work I became very interested and decided to pursue it.