Jenna Jodrey

Dental Hygienist (USA)
Bachelor’s in Dental Hygiene

Specialized In

Dental Hygiene




5+ Years of experience

How Jenna Jodrey Can Help you?

scaling and polishing

Applying Preventive Care

Dental Hygiene Awareness

Taking Dental X-rays

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More About Jenna Jodrey

Jenna Jodrey graduated from Ferris State University, Michigan, USA in 2016 with Associates in Dental Hygiene, and she completed her academic journey successfully in 2017 with her Bachelor’s in Dental Hygiene. She started her career as a hygienist at a private family practice in Hillsdale, Michigan and worked there for a year.

Upon getting engaged, she then moved to North Carolina and worked at a specialist clinic for one year. She has also volunteered as a dental hygienist in a dental mission trip to Guyana in 2016. This humanitarian experience helped her gain more understanding in her profession and garner vital skills to take her career to the next level.