Dr. Samira Diar-Bakirly

Consultant Orthodontist

MSc (Canada), MOrth (Edinburgh)

In addition to earning a double master’s degree in orthodontics, Dr. Diar-Bakirly has over ten years of experience teaching and practicing orthodontics. Dr. Samira holds:

Apart from her multifaceted educational background in orthodontic care, Dr. Samira has gained sufficient exposure in her line of work, influenced by different schools from different countries. This enabled her to deliver quality patient care and meet their orthodontic needs.

In addition to practicing dentistry, Dr. Samira has also extended her knowledge and skills in the industry by taking an educational route. This means that Dr. Samira pursued the role of being an educator in orthodontics at the University of Alberta, Canada, as well as in the Mohamad bin Rashid University – Orthodontic Graduate Program in Dubai, UAE.

The serene combination of her scientific knowledge and clinical practice has allowed Dr. Samira, an accomplished author in some of the most recognized orthodontic journals, to explore the industry in its different spheres. Some of Dr. Samira’s specializations are:

Using the latest scientific evidence available and the highest standards of care, Dr. Samira practices orthodontics driven by understanding her patients’ dental needs and goals. She then identifies the cause of the bite problem and presents the patient with treatment options that lead them towards a straighter smile and better oral health.

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Dr. Samira Diar-Bakirly

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Up, Close & Personal

I enjoy working out in the gym, hiking, traveling, and watching a good movie with my family.

The personal interaction with the patients is unique, and for me, my passion is not only about delivering successful treatment; it is about understanding what the patients want and delivering it. Seeing the smile of the patient at the end of treatment is not only about perfect alignment but also about the satisfaction that the patient feels at the end of their journey with their therapist, and that is what I look for.

Always be you! Our human bodies are the biggest blessing we have. Always take care of every aspect of your body, including your teeth.

The future of dentistry is in the hands of artificial intelligence and digital work. Customized orthodontics for every patient will be the least we can offer in the near future.