Dr. Muge Kasim Dilmen

Specialist Orthodontist (Turkey)

DDS, PhD in Orthodontics

Language Spoken: English and Turkish

Dr. Muge Kasim Dilmen studied at Marmara University in Istanbul where she graduated with first-class honors in Dentistry in 2008. She continued her education with a Ph.D. Orthodontic Program to become a Specialist Orthodontist and received her Ph.D. in Orthodontics from Marmara University Department of Orthodontics, Turkey in 2015. Dr. Muge then focused on developing skills and knowledge in clear aligner orthodontics, becoming a certified Invisalign Provider. She also completed the Aligner Fellowship program (USA) to keep up with the latest developments in aligner technology.

During her Ph.D. orthodontic program, Dr. Muge actively worked on the treatment of both children and adults which required all types of Orthodontic care in Marmara University Dental Hospital, Istanbul. Additionally, she also supervised the clinical training of undergraduate students. She has 10 years of clinical experience in orthodontics from Istanbul, along with Dubai. Most recently, she has been working in Micris Dental Clinic, located in Dubai, since the beginning of 2020.

Dr. Muge has participated in many congresses, seminars, courses and presented her studies and case reports on various Orthodontic topics.

She is a member of the American Association of Orthodontics, a fellow in the World Federation of Orthodontics. Furthermore, she is an active member of Turkish Orthodontic Society, European Aligner Society and Turkish Dental Association.

Areas of Interests;

  • Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment for Kids including dental malocclusion during mixed dentition also control, prevention and treatment of various anomalies of facial growth and development of the jaws.
  • Children and Adult Orthodontics with metal, ceramic, damon braces
  • Clear Aligners; Invisalign
  • Lingual Braces; Incognito
  • TADs
  • Multidisciplinary care such as Orthognathic Surgery, Snoring/Sleep Apnea

She speaks English and Turkish.

Dr. Muge was born, raised and did her education in Istanbul. She is from a Turkish family following the Western way of life while preserving the traditional values of Turkish culture. During the 6 years of her pursuing the PhD, she studied with a multicultural group of dentists who are from around the world such as Greece, Malaysia, Armenia and Arab countries. This exposure of cultural diversity has enriched her life experiences and impacted the way that she has shaped her life afterward. Her interest in learning about new cultures has made her an avid traveler who has visited around 50 countries so far.

As a dentist, Dr. Muge’s objective is to improve people’s lives by creating natural, beautiful, and healthy smiles. Seeing the impact of these smiles she has created on people’s self-esteem is the biggest happiness in her life. It keeps her motivated in her professional life. She is keen on constantly improving her knowledge through continuous education. She also draws inspiration from the positivity of her talented colleagues.

Dr. Muge was a part of several volunteering events during her university years. She has volunteered to conduct free dental screenings to evaluate the oral health of school children and to educate them on ways to improve their oral hygiene.

Dr. Muge moved to Dubai in January 2019 to join her husband who has been working in the country. She was excited about relocating because she knew Dubai as a cosmopolitan and modern city that is also close to her culture. She knew that the city had plenty to offer for her personal and professional development. She loves Dubai’s weather, lifestyle and the friendships that the city has gifted her. Getting involved in the multicultural lifestyle in Dubai makes her feel like a global citizen. “I think Dubai is a very good representation of the world,’’ says Dr. Muge. “I feel safer than anywhere else I have ever lived.”

Apart from work, she is an adventurous traveler and is keen on skiing, tennis, and Jivamukti yoga.