Dr. Mette Mop

General Dentist

DDS (Denmark)

Languages Spoken: Danish, English, French, German, Norwegian and Swedish

Dr. Mette Mop graduated from the Royal Dental College, University of Copenhagen, Denmark in 1990. Her dentistry career started in the Danish army, working as soldier and dentist simultaneously. Following a year in the army, she worked in a private practice before creating her own practice in Copenhagen. Dr. Mette has attended dental courses in Austria, Italy, France, UK, Lichtenstein, Switzerland and USA to improve her skills in the fields of cosmetic dentistry, crowns, bridges, veneers, implantology, surgical removal of wisdom teeth, dental rehabilitation, joint diseases and odontophobia.

Dr. Mette has also taught courses in both France and Japan, concerning the treatment of periodontal diseases.

In 2013, Mette and her family moved to the south of France where she was practicing as a general dentist for 8 years. As her two children left home to go study at university, she decided to take the next big step in her career. Dubai has been the destination of her dreams since she first visited 10 years ago and following the wise words: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” she decided to follow her dreams.

According to Dr. Mette, the prettiest thing you can ever wear is a smile. Following this mantra, she is quite passionate about aesthetic dentistry whilst preserving as much tooth as possible. Although she is fond of placing implants, keeping natural teeth will always be her number one preference.

Although Dr. Mette really enjoys her job, it's not all about teeth! She has plenty of other interests, greatly appreciating many outdoor activities. Dr. Mette has climbed the highest mountains in Europe on a road bike. Additionally, she completed several marathons and triathlons, however, tennis and CrossFit remain her favorites!

She has a deep affection for animals and has quite a few pets at home! Dr. Mette really enjoys living in Dubai because of the variety of cultures, the food, the different languages and of course the weather!