Dr. Khaled Abdelhady

General & Cosmetic Dentist (Egypt)

BDS(Cairo), AEGD(Egypt), FAD(UK)

Upon graduating from Cairo University in 2012, Dr. Khaled stepped into the realm of dentistry and was able to obtain great knowledge and skills from his experience working as a dentist at the Ministry of Health department in Egypt. Four years into his dental career, Dr. Khaled also pursued the entrepreneurial route by establishing his own dental clinics in Egypt.

By 2018, Dr. Khaled aspired to a change of environment and thus moved to Dubai for enhanced challenges and opportunities in his career. One of his key strengths is his commitment to continuing education and professional development, becoming a renewed version of himself with every advancement that treads across the path of dentistry.

With a decade’s worth of noteworthy expertise in the dental field, Dr. Khaled is even more committed to providing the best possible dental care to his patients. He is also determined to incorporate modern dentistry into his dental practice.

Needless to say, Dr. Khaled is an accomplished general dentist with a key specialization in cosmetic dentistry and advanced restorative dentistry from Cairo University, Egypt. Further, Dr. Khaled completed a post-graduate program in dental implants at the University of Toulouse, France.

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Dr. Khaled Abdelhady

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Up, Close & Personal

In my free time, I work out. I am an avid sports enthusiast, so I dabble in swimming, surfing, and CrossFit. Also, I’d like to spend some quality family time.

It was the next step in my life. After marriage, I decided to relocate to Dubai. There is a vast scope for dentistry in the UAE, particularly in Dubai, which allowed me to expand my goals and experience in the field

Living in Dubai has allowed me to meet many different people from all over the world and interact with diverse cultures. This created an opportunity for me to learn and experience new things and gain knowledge and skills