Dr. Christina Friis-Moeller

General & Cosmetic Dentist

DDS (Denmark)

Masters Level, Aesthetic Advantage (New York)

Dr. Christina Friis-Moeller graduated from the Royal Dental College, Copenhagen, Denmark in 1999. She specializes in cosmetic dentistry, reconstructive dentistry, TMJ(temporomandibular joint disease), and implantology. She was an Assistant Professor at the Royal Copenhagen Dental School. She is a member of the Danish Dental Association and the Danish Implant Association.

Her advice to patients: Prevention, prevention, prevention. Check-ups and cleaning every 6 months and good hygiene on a regular basis are also very important.

What happens when a family of dentists sits together on Christmas Eve? They’d probably talk about teeth and implants and latest dental procedures while enjoying hot cocoa in front of the fireplace. There are around fifteen dentists within Dr. Christina’s family. That includes her parents, uncle, her husband, and his family too! She first came to Dubai for a dental conference in 2004. But before that was working at a successful practice in Denmark, Copenhagen.

Four years after her brief 2004 visit was enough to lure her and her family to come and move to Dubai. She fell in love in a country that differs so much from her own roots in terms of the outdoor life, the eclectic society and of course – the Middle Eastern weather.

Dr. Christina said, “Getting to know different cultures broadens your horizon. It has been an amazing experience for me and my family. I think it is healthy to get away from our own little bubble in Denmark and see different ways of living.” She has three gorgeous kids, a five-year-old son, a twelve-year-old son, and a fifteen-year-old daughter. She enjoys spending time with her family, going out for long walks, or seeing a movie.

She loves to travel, and she can easily conjure a perfect itinerary for anyone. She’s been to Kenya, Australia, Europe, Thailand, and many other places. She’d also love to visit Jordan, Indonesia & South Africa in the future. Steering the conversation to the common misconceptions about dentistry, she said, “In this region, most people believe that dentistry usually involves pain. The reaction when they finally find out that it doesn’t just make my day!” Dr. Christina’s passion lies in aesthetic dentistry – giving people the smile they’ve always dreamt of is priceless.

She’s been a part of the successful group of dentists that have completed the Masters Level Achievement in Hands-On Aesthetic Continuum at The Rosenthal Institute in New York. “Tremendously, my whole idea of aesthetic dentistry has changed. I now look at the big picture. It is not just about having big, straight, and white teeth, they have to compliment the face. All the trips to New York have been so worth it!”

How has her career been rewarding? “I love the smile on my patients’ faces when they leave. It’s the best feeling in the world seeing them flash their most healthy charming smiles.”

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Dr. Christina Friis-Moeller

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Up, Close & Personal

I enjoy working out in the gym, hiking, traveling, and watching a good movie with my family.

The personal interaction with the patients is unique, and for me, my passion is not only about delivering successful treatment; it is about understanding what the patients want and delivering it. Seeing the smile of the patient at the end of treatment is not only about perfect alignment but also about the satisfaction that the patient feels at the end of their journey with their therapist, and that is what I look for.

Always be you! Our human bodies are the biggest blessing we have. Always take care of every aspect of your body, including your teeth.

The future of dentistry is in the hands of artificial intelligence and digital work. Customized orthodontics for every patient will be the least we can offer in the near future.