Alaa Karazi

Dental Hygienist (Netherlands)
Speaks English, Dutch, and Arabic.

Professional Information

After her graduation, Alaa Karazi embarked on pursuing her career as a dental hygienist in Holland, Netherlands. From being an intern at a periodontal clinic to developing skills and expertise by working with various other lines of dentistry, such as oral and maxillofacial surgery and pediatric dentistry, Alaa has secured a robust experience and exposure spanning over 6 years, which makes her an ace dental expert.

Moreover, with an expansive portfolio of knowledge and experience, Alaa continued to display her competency by treating all kinds of patients from different walks of life. To help improve the oral health of her patients, Alaa has taken countless initiatives to guide them with the best prevention and treatment approaches for gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis.

In addition to this, Alaa also ensures to maintain a strong line of communication between her and her patients by providing a friendly atmosphere and eliminating linguistic barriers. With empathy as her strength, Alaa Karazi provides exceptional, specialized dental care to anxious patients and helps them navigate their way through dental problems like cavities and tooth decay.

Up Close & Personal

Thanks to the advancements in Dental Tech, we are able to reach a wider circumference of the population positively and help them have a nice and healthy smile. With the aid of these technological innovations, I see a future of pain-free and minimally invasive dentistry.

I like to spend some quality time with my family and friends. Besides that, I spend time working out. I like to read books to educate myself, and I like to travel to explore the world. I also like to dance, specifically Spanish dance, but I guess I will need some lessons in it.


Never stop doing your best. We are here to help you understand your oral health, and not to criticize your journey on the same. Also, don’t forget that by keeping your teeth healthy, you can improve your mental, physical, and social lives radically.