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How COVID-19 Has Affected Healthcare

A global pandemic has appeared in our world and affected us all in different ways, and to varying extent. We have seen the negative impact this virus has had on health and economy but how can we make the most of a bad situation especially regarding our healthcare?

Below we discuss the different factors that bring emphasis on how the virus has impacted healthcare, specifically the dental care aspect:

More Time for Health Recovery

Of course, as many countries have been put under lockdown, many of us stay home. Now, there may be benefits to this.

When it comes to our health, staying at home gives us the ability to take time and focus more on ourselves. For example, if we do go through any dental procedures then there is much more time to recover.

Rest is necessary especially with surgery, extractions, and gum corrections after your appointment with the dentist. Your body needs the time to heal with the possible swellings.

Overall, there is convenience staying home to take the time to rest and heal. Additionally, if anyone is experiencing more severe pain, then a visit to your dentist is recommended to aid the pain reduction and avoid infections.

Routine change

As many have had more time at home, it most likely brought a change into their lifestyle. This may have impacted them positively or negatively.

If individuals are conscious of their health being at home, they will choose a healthier routine. That means spending more time to cook healthier foods (as opposed to fast food), work out and overall achieve a healthier lifestyle.

This is due to the extra free time they have in comparison to the previous busy lifestyle with work and outings. Now they can do several activities that they weren’t able to find time for before, along with following a routine that involves further selfcare.

However, all changes might not be for the better. Many people see this as the time to finally relax and perhaps get into bad habits. This includes both exercise and diet.

As there is time for relaxation and there are not as many social gatherings, people don’t find the motivation to exercise.

A change in diet is common in a situation like this with cravings of sugary drinks such as soda or shakes and sweets including ice cream, candy, chocolates and more. This can affect your oral health negatively with the sweet craving, although, before the change in diet, you should see your dentist to discuss the impact of this.

A diet is just as important as your oral hygiene. These both play a major role in our overall health and not many realize this. Consultations with a dentist would allow guidance on how to avoid new cavities and gum infections.

In this current situation, it is essential look after your overall health. Oral health helps in improving your immune system which brings the situation of COVID into consideration. Put your health first, keeping your immune system strong and staying safe!

At Micris Dental Clinic, we make sure every one of our patients in Dubai coming to the clinic has their temperature checked and there are strict PPE (personal protective equipment) requirements for the staff.

Focus on Children’s Health

Of course, children are staying at home with their parents to be taken care of, but as they stay home there are more chances of them consuming sweets more often than before.

This is the perfect time for parents to bring their children for a dental check-up! At Micris Dental Clinic, safety is prioritized at all times to ensure the health of each patient is taken care of at full comfort. Not only are the regular dental guidelines followed for clean and sterile procedures, but we ensure the best PPE is worn to keep you safe. Furthermore, there are continuous training sessions performed for our staff to always maintain strict safety procedures.

It ensures your child’s teeth and gums are strong and healthy with their oral health. During school time, parents go to work while the kids go to school, too busy to focus whether their children’s teeth or gums are damaged.

Remember, if the teeth are not taken care of at an earlier age, it can then bring difficulties later in the future for oral health and possibly overall health. We will make sure that the visit is as pleasant for your child as possible, giving them the best experience.

Have them get ready to come back to classes with a bright and healthy smile!

I hope everyone stays healthy and safe especially during this time. Let’s all remember to focus on ourselves and our loved ones with all health factors. If you have any concerns regarding dental needs, book an appointment at Micris Dental Clinic and we will ensure to provide the solution with safety precautions along with full comfort.