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Dental implant benefits to help you make the right decision

Dental implants are the closest prosthetic replacement we have for natural teeth. They have a similar appearance to screws and are placed in the upper or lower jawbone. This treatment option has been extensively researched and we are now at the cusp of having the best implant design and surface that ensures the highest success rates.

If you’re considering treatment with dental implants but are uncertain whether it’s right for you, keep reading below for some key factors:

1. They replace one or more missing teeth

Implants are designed to replace one or more teeth that are missing. On occasions, you can have one or even two teeth replaced by a single implant, and implants can also be used to anchor bridges, so having two implants in certain situations can actually help to replace four missing teeth.

2. Dental implants improve your speech

Having missing teeth creates gaps which may have a negative effect on your speech. Patients with missing teeth may find difficulty with the pronunciations of some words and this may get worse over time. Chances are that certain sounds are altered especially the ones that are needed when the tongue touches the teeth. This can easily be solved by replacing the gaps with implants.

3. It strengthens your chewing ability

Adults on average have 28-32 teeth and when one is missing the forces applied to the remaining adjacent teeth increase, hence increasing the chance of fractures and damage to the remaining teeth. This risk can be reduced by restoring the number of teeth to their natural quantity by replacing the missing ones with implants.

A missing molar can make it much more difficult to eat and digest food as molars are designed for chewing. Consequently, when you lose teeth, your bone density reduces which leads to a loss of efficiency in chewing. Additionally, the loss of bone is also accompanied by a loss of healthy gum tissue.

As this occurs, it may begin to impact the way you chew and change your diet. You may limit your diet due to how hard it is to chew which affects your general health, lacking crucial nutrients for your body. A dental implant will give you more ease when eating and you’ll be able to eat your favorite foods without any feeling of anxiety nor pain while chewing.

4. Prevents the shifting of teeth

As a gap is left from a missing tooth, it leads to the adjacent teeth shifting towards the space of the gap. Eventually, the neighboring tooth will begin to move and lean into space, creating a domino effect. The movement of these teeth will cause more complications than you think. The misaligned teeth may also bring jaw pain and headaches.

Opposing teeth can also drift down as there will be no force to stop them from erupting further causing problems to these teeth and further deteriorating the bite.

Furthermore, if several teeth move around then there may be possible struggles with brushing your teeth properly. This means the teeth wouldn’t be cleaned properly as it’s harder to brush which then increases the exposure of bacteria, leading to tooth decay and more tooth loss. Early treatment with dental implants, ensures that you restore that space and mitigate the risk of your teeth shifting.

5. Prevents bone loss

After a period of time, a missing tooth causes the weakening and resorption of bones that support the teeth. This jawbone is known as the ‘alveolar bone,’ which deteriorates due to the lack of contact with the tooth, decreasing bone stimulation and its growth. This exemplifies how a dental implant not only develops the teeth by replacing the missing tooth, however, also aids the remaining teeth in the mouth by providing stimulation in your jawbone and prevents bone loss.

6. Gives a more youthful appearance

When you’re lacking teeth, it weakens the alveolar bone and leads to the cheeks sinking in. As your cheeks sink in, it causes an alteration to the shape of your face and for you to appear older. With dental implants, your bone stimulation enhances and increases the volume for stronger bones in the jaw. The dental implants prevent the cheeks from sinking in and creating creases in the face; Therefore, complimenting the facial structure better while bringing a more youthful appearance for you.

Overall, a dental implant is a more permanent tooth replacement solution in comparison to alternatives such as dentures or bridges and they have more of a natural feel. This is proven to be the best treatment to restore the gaps between teeth and to restore a smile!

A consultation can be done by a professional and well-trained implantologist or oral surgeon at Micris Dental Clinic to evaluate your specific case, where they will establish the most suitable treatment plan for you. Visit us to ensure you maintain the best oral health and efficacy.


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